Facing the Music

Are you a musician that should be practicing? Are you in between practice sessions or rehearsals and just need to unwind and let your mind wander? Or do you just need a swift kick in the pants to inspire you? Well, sometimes you need to stop procrastinating, stop dodging and just face the music, literally.

A Year in Review: My first year in Dublin

"This year has proven to be one of many revelations, a cementing of truths, the revising of ideas, and reconceptualizing of concepts. It’s been heady, busy, and filled with teachable moments, learning experiences, and awesome, positive light."

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Berginald Rash and the Chamber of Music

The first of my newest series, Berginald Rash and the Chamber of  Music, I look at my current chamber music work and reflect on the process of learning and collaborating through this medium. One thing I'm noticing is that as the list of chamber works grows so does my enjoyment and appreciation for the art form. 

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