Facing the Music

Are you a musician that should be practicing? Are you in between practice sessions or rehearsals and just need to unwind and let your mind wander? Or do you just need a swift kick in the pants to inspire you? Well, sometimes you need to stop procrastinating, stop dodging and just face the music, literally.

The Sum of Its Parts : Dr. Frank Kowalsky

"He showed me time and time again that he understood the role one’s humanity plays in living, communicative art and that in living, suffering, laughing, crying, growing one can connect to a greater consciousness and transcend the physical. He showed me that all of this happens not on the note, but between the notes." 

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The Sum of Its Parts : Dr. Deborah Bish

"In waking up everyday at 7am to be in the practice room by 8am to get in my first hour of warm-ups, long tones, scales, thirds, arpeggios, and articulation before heading to class at 9am, she took the chaotic, jagged, bleeding fragments of my former person, of the life I had lived prior and brought a calm, rational, and reasonable structure that became a form of meditation and solemn prayer."

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